Our Team

We are a team of dedicated bookkeeping and tax professionals with a combined over 30 years of experience in providing accounting services, tax compliance, financial reporting and financial analysis for individuals and corporations. We are Enrolled Agents and Financial Reporting professionals with vast knowledge in business development and analyzing and managing client's financial data. We who work together to give each client the amount of devotion their business deserve and developing new avenues for business health and financial growth. We are efficient because our goal is to help you worry less about your books so you can focus on running your business.

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Accounting for the future might be complex.
We’re not.

We’re a strategic, modern professional firm. One that’s accommodating and easy to talk to - offering smart services and practical advice. We remove the obstacles that often deter people from getting a grip on their personal and business financials. We look beyond the numbers to see the story and human impact of our work. 

BEK Group grows along with clients. Our exceptional business and professional strategies have allowed us to service and work with more diverse client needs.  

We focus our help on a variety of people and situations. We help individuals and families; professionals such as doctors and lawyers; those selling, buying or starting a business, business and nonprofits; and existing small business owners.

With our help, people are able to see through complexity, create a plan, and account for their business and personal goals.

How We Work


We’re genuinely interested in our clients’ well being. We care about them and want to help them reach their goals. We do this by creating meaningful relationships.


We listen to our clients’ disclosures in full. We help them untangle complexity so they can understand their situation, reduce anxiety, and formulate a plan.


We combine an explicit understanding of our client’s needs with a deep knowledge of our discipline to create forward-thinking strategies.


We are committed to helping our clients realize their plan in full. We align our client's objectives with ours and we stand beside our clients every step of the way.